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Ideal backpack that turns "heavy" designed based on ergonomics into "light"

From the buyerLarge -capacity backpack that shows a mechanism to reduce the burden on the body with a unique look "in,

  • Both lightness and design that do not match the capacity
  • It can be folded compactly even though it is large capacity
  • Innovative feeling of characteristic
  • Endable functionality even though it has a simple design

We have received evaluations such as.


  • Experience weight reduction belt
  • Shoulder wiping prevention slippery processing
  • Water -repellent / ethical material
  • PC storage space
  • Tablet storage space
  • Spring zipper
  • Side pocket
  • Front pocket
  • AirTag hidden pocket
  • Glasser trap
  • Roll -top fixed
  • Capacity variable roll top

Discerning points

  1. Ergonomic design
  2. Adopt environment -friendly 3D mesh cushion RECO
  3. Adopts a millcot mesh*with a good and breathability that is hard to slip to prevent gaps.
  4. 17 -inch PCs secure independent space
  5. Roll top with a variable capacity
  6. Installed organizer space with Air tag storage
  7. Adopts a water -repellent ethical material eco -pet
  8. Adopt a water stop zipper that does not penetrate water

* Milcott is a registered trademark of Toray Co., Ltd.
* Ecopet is a registered trademark of Teijin Frontier Co., Ltd.



Color Black khaki
width Approximately 30cm / height: about 50cm / depth: 18cm
weight Approximately 100g
capacity Approximately 27L ~ Up to about 40L

Ecopet playback polyester (81%)
Polyester (19%)

fastener Spring zipper

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