Management Strategy Board Game Camp President
Management Strategy Board Game Camp President
Management Strategy Board Game Camp President
Management Strategy Board Game Camp President

Management Strategy Board Game Camp President

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Utilize limited resources as the owner of the campsite, and aim for the most popular campsite!

In the limited management resources, we build facilities, expand our campsites, make our own goods, do crowdfunding .... YouTuber comes to the store, and that popular campper is appointed ambassador. Do ...

While the commitment exploded, there is not enough manpower and money, it becomes a short -term fund, manages the luck ... the risk hedging is sweet, and the campsite that I made is also in the business crisis ...

Although the rules are simple, the feature of this game is that you can learn the sense of money and business skills just by playing deep and playing deep.

Gaming outline

  • Number of players: 1 to 4 people
  • Play time: 15 minutes to 40 minutes * 1
  • Target age: 7 years old or older * 2

* 1: It depends on the number of players.
* 2: There is an untrained kanji, but it does not affect the game rules.

Rules overview

In this board game, you will be the owner of the campsite and compete with other players aiming for the most popular campsite.

In the game, in one turn, proceed with the 5 phase of (1) paid → (2) action → (3) income → (4) payment → (4) adjustment. At the end of the fixed number of turns, the player who was No. 1 (the highest score) wins.
* If you want to play lightly, 8 turns (short rules), and if you want to make a gutsli sticking facility, please enjoy it in 12 turns (standard drool).

Express the facility"Facility panel", Express the president and employees"Staff card", Various events will be held"Event card"Play using various cards.

It also helps to improve the sense of money for children

In the game, there are phases such as purchasing facilities in exchange for the money they have, calculating the salary of monthly owners and employment staff and calculating income, so they calculate elementary school children. It will also be a practice.

Also, if the money is negative, the game ends, so thinking about what you can buy with a limited amount of money will develop your child's sense of money and acquire economic power.

Extended kit "Tsukimon Campsite" edition

The extended kit has a total of 24 facilities cards.

  • Start panel: 1 piece
  • Site panel: 7
  • Other facility panels: 16 pieces

The basic rules are the same as the "Camp President".It is a healing and delusion game that becomes the owner of the campsite and aims to be the president's title "Superman".

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