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Collecting the voices of minimalist camper and 50 nights a yearSoft cooler bagIs completed.

2 liter plastic bottles verticalEntered, it is friendly to bicycle camper and backpacker3WAY (backpack shoulder hand) specificationis! Furthermore, in the cooling power test, it is comparable to the highest cooler that is called that stronger cooler.Realize cooling powerDid.

POINT1: High cooling power

Independently developed20.45mm x 6 -layered insulation designSo, we realized the cooling power of Company A, which is called the strongest soft cooler, which is comparable to the cooling power of Company A. Compared to the hard cooler box, the cooling power is reduced, but if it is a camp of about two days and two nights, the size is just right and it is enough performance.

High density 6 -layer structure
The test was repeated over and over, and a 6 -layer structure of 3 insulation materials was adopted. PVCs with excellent weather and water resistance are used for the outer fabric.

The insulation was left longer to the top of the zipper, and a device was devised to suppress the cool air leak when opening and closing. In addition, the use of a water stopping zipper prevents water from entering from the outside.

POINT2: Can change the cooling temperature

By using the attached insole, the cooling temperature can be changed in the cooler.

POINT3: 3WAY that can be transformed according to the application

Backpack, shoulder hand ... 3WAY specifications that can be transformed in line with the application, so not only backpackers and bicycle campers, but also go out to a small park, cherry -blossom viewing, and athletic meet!

POINT4: Compact but high storage capacity

2 liters of 2 liters of PET bottles and 12 canned beers can be stored easily.

POINT5: Removable front pocket

The front pocket of the dorge culler has a front pocket that can store a little small, such as seasonings, kitchen supplies, wallets and smartphones.

It can be removed, hooked on chairs and tables, or used as sakosh.

A variety of useless mestin cases

A mestin case with a cool back and a matching fabric is also included. The inside is an aluminum sheet material, which is ideal for steaming and heating when cooking rice, and is also used as a lunch case and seasoning. 

Reason for outlet price

Due to the nature of the inner fabric, some threads and small scratches that appear at the time of manufacture are likely to be gone, and despite the new ones, 75 dolly cullers were noticeable.

Although there is a small scratch inside, there is no problem with cooling power, so it is inevitable to dispose of it.
SoOutlet price for 75 pieces onlyWe decided to sell in.

* Please note that small scratches vary depending on the product.

[Sorge Cooler]

width 40cm
height 36.5cm (without the handle)
Depth 20cm (without the front pocket)
weight 1424G (without shoulder belt)
Shoulder belt Maximum about 50cm, width 38mm
Manufacturing Bangladish (Design: Japan)
material Polyester (bottom: rubber)

[Front pocket]

width 24cm
height 20cm (not the handle part)
thickness 2cm (without the front pocket)
weight 1424G (without shoulder belt)
Shoulder belt Combined as a dorge culler

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