SORGE clutch

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PC and gadget are one! A gadget integrated clutch in which luggage is organized

  • Laptop PC under 13 inches
  • handkerchief
  • tissue
  • PC power supply & cable
  • Smartphone charging & cable
  • wallet
  • lip
  • Note
  • pen
  • SD card, mamorio (a total of 3)
  • USB hub
  • smartphone
  • Earphone…Such
You can store small gadgets that have been messed up in your bag so far.


  • A light compact design with only 480g even though it is genuine leather
  • Gadget integrated type of 3WAY (PC case / clutchback bag in bag)
  • Waterproof ( * Waterproofing is only for leather, zip is not supported)


size Approximately 34.5cm x 25cm x 2.5cm
weight Approximately 480g
material 100% cowhide
Country of origin Bangladesh
Development and sales Japan
Packing Dolge clutch

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