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Fes, camping, bicycles ... The ultimate transform outerwear that protects yourself from the hot summer sun, both everyday and outdoors.

A high -tech material "Solotex®" made of "water -repellent, contact cooling, and anti -wrinkles" that makes it comfortable and comfort is hand -sewn by Japanese craftsmen by hand.

* Sacocho is a coined word of "sakosh x poncho" made by us.


  • Protect your skin from the sunshine and change the hot summer sunshine to cool
  • Supports urgent heavy rains that are excellent in water repellency and are common in outdoor scenes
  • Transform on the poncho sakosh leisure seat

Discerning points

  1. Sewing by a skilled Japanese craftsman
  2. Structure that transforms according to the application that took 2 years to complete
  3. If you remove the flap and spread it, instead of a leisure sheet
  4. The back pocket that does not disturb the operation
  5. High -tech material that is friendly to both people and the environmentAdoption of Solotex®

Solotex® has various features such as "stretch", "soft", "recovery", such as conventional polyester, polyurethane, nylon, soft texture, good color development, soft cushioning ... A fiber that makes everything comfortable and comfortable to wear.

* Solotex® is a registered trademark of Teijin Frontier Co., Ltd.

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