Active sunglasses that do not shift-2023 model (sports type)

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  • I don't know if sunglasses are really dimming.
    → Our sunglasses are a product that dimmers with the amount of ultraviolet rays, not the amount of light.
    Therefore, if you pass glass with UV cut, such as the windshield of the car, it will not diminish.
    Also, in order to reduce the burden on the eyes, it is very difficult to understand whether it is dimming even if it is applied.

    It is easy to understand the difference by applying ultraviolet light only on one side with ultraviolet light.
    HerePlease refer to the video.

  • Can I change the lens myself?
    → Yes, you can't do it yourself. However, depending on how much force is applied, it may be damaged, so some tricks are included.

    It will be charged separately, but if you are uneasy, you can replace the lens after purchasing the frame and send it to us.

    About how to change the lensHerePlease check with the video.

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    → After payment of the price, we will ship within 3 business days except weekends and holidays.

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This is the second outdoor sunglasses in which SORGE collaborated with Sabae craftsmen, a city with 96%domestic share.

Discerning points

  1. Lens optimized for outdoors
  2. Uses a soft rubber that is gentle on the skin and does not slip on the face inside the temple and on the face.
  3. The nose pad part can be adjusted flexibly, and while adopting a crines bracket, the nose pad uses a silicone rubber to promise a higher grip effect.
  4. Adopt Japan Fit Frame (sports type) tailored to the Japanese skeleton
  5. The frame uses 100%PET recycling
  6. Production in Japanese -made glossy sagging production area "Fukui / Sabae" with traditional craftsmanship and advanced technology

A sports type that does not shift even with active movements

The secret that the active sunglasses do not shift is a rubber that is resistant to high temperatures and bass on the inside of the template and on the face, and uses a soft rubber that is hard to slip even when sweating. We care for long -term and active activities with the grip of the inner rubber.

Nose pad that greatly improves the quality of fitting

The nose pad part is not fixed, but is used to adopt Crings (metal fittings on the left side of the photo) that can be adjusted flexibly according to the width and height of the nose.

In addition, a silicone rubber is used for the nose pad, which has a high grip effect with the uneven pattern, and the quality of fitting is greatly improved.

Japan Fit sports frame designed for Japanese people wrapped around the face

  1. High nose pad with a gentle curve that fits the Japanese nose firmly.
  2. The temple that wraps the head like an arc does not hold down the temple and does not tighten.
  3. An angle that is suitable for the Japanese face is difficult to hit the cheek.

The Asian fit frame (sports type) is used to match the Asian skeleton, and a frame curve and a nose pad are made according to the skeleton of Asians.

Polarized, dimming, UV integrated lens optimized for outdoors

  • Polarized lens:It cuts only the rebellion of light from the ground and water surface to clear the visibility, so you can enjoy driving, fishing, snowy mountains and marine sports more comfortably.
  •  Dimming lens: The color (concentration) of the lens changes automatically depending on the amount of ultraviolet rays, so it is not necessary to re -apply glasses or sunglasses when moving indoors and outdoors. It is generally said that deterioration of dimming lenses begins 2-3 years after use.


  • The classic "Wellington" frame of stylish glasses that matches any person
  • Designed to the Asian skeleton
  • Achieve polarized, dimming, UV cut with one lens
  • There is also a camouflage frame that shines in the outdoor scene

Specifications / size

Lens color Clear gray
Frame color Mat Black (green in the temple) / duck pattern (gray inside temple)
Lens width (Longest one on one side) 52 mm
Lens vertical width (Long) 42㎜
Temple width 156㎜
Visible Light Transmittance 10%〜45%
UV cut rate 99%or more
Lens material plastic
Frame material PET resin
Temple material PET resin
weight 23G

* Please note that there are some differences in the above dimensions.

* Because PET recycle material is used, small granular objects may appear on the frame surface, but there is no problem with quality.

Active sunglasses that do not shift-2023 model (sports type)

Regular price ¥14,300 Sale price¥8,800 -¥5,500
(tax included)

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