[2024 model] Outdoor sunglasses -Crown Pant Frame

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A rich 5 -color lens that can change the color depending on the usage scene is available in the lens with one "polarized, dimming, UV"!

By changing the design of the frame, it has become lighter to only 20g, and the strength has been higher than the conventional frame.

The strength of the frame is improved

Until now, the frame has a structure that does not use any bracket. The reason for not using any metal fittings was to consider the environment.

However, it is also true that it was inferior in terms of strength because the temples were removed, such as the frame using the bracket because the metal fittings were not used.

To be honest, it was a very complicated feeling for SORGE, which proposes a sustainable lifestyle for a long time.

Therefore, as a result of consulting with the factory, the conventional frame structure is changed, and the part where the glasses and the temple are connected,
By fixing it firmly with bracket, the strength and comfort of the frame have been greatly improved.

What is a crown pant frame?

The crown pant frame has a crown (crown) shape on the upper part, and the lower part has a round shape.
* The Boston frame has a flat and linear shape on the upper part.

It is characterized by intelligent and elegant design, and is popular in formal scenes and business scenes.
* It is said to give a slightly more formal impression than the Boston frame.

It is particularly suitable for round faces and egg -shaped faces because the upper part of the frame is noticeable and has the effect of tightening the face line.

Four characteristics of sorglassingrass

■ Lens functionality suitable for outdoor scenes

Solga gasses realize all "dimming, polarized, UV cuts" with one lens!

99%of ultraviolet rays are cut, and the color of the lens becomes darker when exposed to the sun light, and a 3WAY1 lens that combines polarized lenses.

The lens with polarized, dimming, and UV cut provides a high -performance and comfortable view.

* How to choose a lens colorThis articlePlease refer to the.

■ Adopt Asian fit frame that prevents glare from the bottom

  1. Design your own nose pad shape
  2. The shape of the frame is small and the angle is difficult to hit the cheek
  3. Designed the shape of the temple independently

Such,The Asian fit frame made according to the Asian skeleton has been adopted.

■ Made in Sabae

The technology of 96%of the domestic share of glasses frames "Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture" is thoroughly particular about the material to parts, and the craftsmen assemble each point in order to complete the metal parts without using any of them.

Specifications / size

Lens color Green, brown, blue, gray, yellow,
Frame color Mat Black (Rubber Processing)
Lens width 50mm
Lens vertical width 42.8mm
Temple width 141mm
Visible Light Transmittance Green: 16%to 45%
Brown: 18%to 43%
Blue: 13%to 46%
Yellow: 16% to 75%
UV cut rate 99%or more
Lens material TAC (plastic)
Frame material Playback PET resin
Lens feature Polarized / dimming lenses
weight 20G

* Please note that there are some differences in the above dimensions.

* Because PET recycle material is used, small granular objects may appear on the frame surface, but there is no problem with quality.

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