New common sense of outdoor sunglasses! Three major functions of lenses you need to know

In choosing sunglasses, not only the appearance, but also the functionality that enhances eye protection and comfort is also important. In this column, we will deepen the three major functions of sunglasses lenses, "dimming, polarized light, UV cut", and explain in detail how each of them protects our eyes and keeps the visibility clear.

Assuming use in every scene, from everyday life to outdoor activities, we will clarify what kind of advantages and disadvantages of each function and in which situations are useful.

Reading this article gives you knowledge to find the best sunglasses to get a comfortable visibility while keeping your eyes healthy.

Dimming function: Smart lens corresponding to all optical conditions

Sunglasses with dimming function automatically adjust the color of the lens in response to the strength of light like magic. This will always ensure the optimal view under dazzling sunlight, in the cloudy sky, and even indoors.

This smart lens provides a comfortable view all day, both indoors and outdoors, and can meet all optical conditions with one sunglasses, so it is very practical in everyday life.

However, in very cold and hot places, the speed of the lens color may be slow. Also, remember that the effect of darkening the lens is weakened behind the glass that blocks UVs such as inside the car.

Nevertheless, this dimming function is very convenient when the weather changes drastically, and when going back and forth between indoors and outdoors. This sunglasses keep your eyes comfortably, regardless of the weather, and when you are indoors.

Polarized function: Reduces glare and clears the field of view

Sunglasses with polarized functions are clearly cleared by effectively blocking dazzling light reflections. In particular, strong reflected light from the water surface, snow, and wet roads can be a heavy burden for the eyes, but polarized lenses cut these light to greatly reduce glare.

This makes outdoor activities, such as fishing, beaches, skiing and driving, and can reduce eye fatigue and danger.

However, the polarized lens may be difficult to see when looking at the screen of the smartphone or car navigation system, so when using it, the display angle may be adjusted.

By keeping this small precautions, polarized sunglasses will be a powerful item that will clarify the visibility in any outdoor scene and protect your eyes from dazzling. It is especially recommended for use in situations where discomfort due to reflected light is easily felt.

UV cut function: Protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays

The UV -cut function plays a very important role in sunglasses and protects our eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays. This function reduces risks such as cataracts and retina by blocking both UVA and UVB that have a negative effect on eye health.

Sunglasses with UV -cut functions are essential to protect your eyes, especially in areas with strong UV rays, especially under strong sunshine. It is ideal for outdoor activities such as beach, hiking, and skiing, as well as use in everyday life, and is useful for protecting your eyes every year.

When choosing sunglasses, it is important to confirm that the product provides UV protection. With this simple but effective function, our eyes can be protected from ultraviolet rays and maintain health.


I think you've read this column and feel the importance of sunglasses with three functions: dimming, polarized, and UV cut.

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