Released on the 5th Sorgelassingrass Makuake!

I'm Kaeko Asayama, the first Ichiboshi Co., Ltd.

Thank you for your continued patronage of our products.
Today is the news of new products to be released in late February.

This product is ...
5th of Sorge Sanglasses!

This evolution is three.

◆ Three evolutions

■ NEW1

There were many inquiries, the strength problem of the part to be heard ...

This has been solved! !
By using the bracket, the comfort and comfort will be further improved!

■ NEW2

Adopt the trendy crown pant frame!

As a result, only 20g is even lighter! !

■ NEW3

A color lens that can be selected according to the application.

The lens performance "polarized, dimming, UV" integrated type is kept and there are five types of lenses. 

Please check the details from the following.