Hospitality Selection 2022 award

The support purchase service Makuake started sales, achieved over 2000 % of the target amount, and sold out on the same day, "UV, dimming, and polarized light! Outdoor sunglasses SORGE x Re:" I will report that it was selected for hospitality 2022 on June 1, 2010.

◆ What is hospitality selection?

Hospitality Selection is an award created in 2015 with the aim of discovering Japan's excellent “hospitality” products and services and spreading to the world. The hospitality selection is operated by more than 20 private companies, and in the case of certification, a foreign expert living in Japan is conducted.

The activities of creative ideas that are born from the heart that carelessly care for the users, and the activities of ingenuity that are repeated to modern times are evaluated based on "Omotenashi" and "Global". The subject that is recognized as "in Japan that you want to send to the world is full of the charm of" is certified as a hospitality selection award -winning product and service.

◆ Comments of foreign judges

At the time of the examination, we received many comments from foreign judges, so we will introduce some of them.

  • Very convenient and stylish sunglasses. I think that the lightweight points are also welcomed by many people.
  • The color of the lens changes depending on the ultraviolet light, and it is unique and the practicality is felt. I think it is convenient to be able to use the case as a glasses wiping. The eyes are the same as other sunglasses, but I felt that the best features were light and convenient to carry.
  • Most of Malaysia is always hot and strong, so most people wear sunglasses every day. In addition, I think that Malaysia will definitely be popular because it uses plastic bottles that are environmentally friendly.
  • I think that it is environmentally friendly, using dimming lenses, and because they are Japanese products, I think that Colombia is a sunglass. Because it is lightweight, it is convenient to put it in a bag and carry it. I think it will be a very good gift.
  • I think it will be welcomed in Hungary because it is good and easy on the environment.


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