Achieves comfort and style with Asian fit sunglasses | Tips for choosing sunglasses

When choosing sunglasses, the appearance style is important, but more important is the "fit". Especially for Asians, finding sunglasses that match the shape of the face is not easy.

That's where the Asian Fit Frame appears.In this column, you can unravel the secrets of why sunglasses of Asian fit frames are comfortable in everyday life and active scenes.

◆ Welcome to the world of Asian fit frames

Many people have experienced that not only the appearance but also the "fit" is important when choosing sunglasses. This "Asian Fit Frame" sunglasses are needed, especially the design that matches the appearance of Asians. So what is this Asian fit frame and how is it different from the conventional frame? Welcome to the world of Asian fit frames while unraveling the story behind that.

▼ What is Asian Fit Frame?

The Asian Fit Frame is a sunglasses designed in consideration of the shape of the face peculiar to Asians. Asians' faces are generally low -nose beams and high cheekbones, and frames are created based on these characteristics. As a result, the Asian fit frame fits the face perfectly and provides a comfortable wearing feeling.

▼ Know the difference from the conventional frame

The biggest difference between the conventional frame and the Asian fit frame lies in the fit. The Asian fit frame is designed so that sunglasses fit well with low nose beams by providing special pads on the nose. In addition, the curve of the frame is adjusted according to the shape of the face, and it is difficult to make a gap between the face and the sunglasses.

▼ Background of the Asian fit frame

The Asian Fit Frame was born out of the needs that there is no sunglasses on the market that matches the shape of the Asian face. In conventional Western designs, there was a problem that it often did not fit the face of Asians, could not be worn comfortably, or could not be determined to look. To solve these problems, a frame optimized for the Asian features was developed.

◆ Deeply digging the characteristics of Asian fit frames

Asian fit frame sunglasses are not just stylish accessories. These achieve perfect fusion of comfort and design. But how is this balance achieved? In this section, how the Asian fit frame improves the daily comfort of how to improve its characteristics.

▼ Balance between design and comfort

The biggest feature of the Asian fit frame is the balance between appearance and comfort. These frames are designed to be naturally along the outline of the face, and even if you wear them for a long time, you will not feel uncomfortable. Still, a stylish design that incorporates the latest fashion trends matches any dress. The Asian Fit Frame is the best option for you who emphasize both fashion and functionality.

▼ Secret of adjustable nose pads

The Asian fit frame is equipped with a nasal pad that can be adjusted to a low nose beam unique to Asians. This small device leads to great comfort. The nose pad will be firmly fixed to the face, and at the same time, reduces the feeling of oppression so that it can be used for a long time. This detailed consideration is one of the great attractions of the Asian fit frame.

▼ Frame and temple, ideas for comfortable fit

Not only the shape of the frame, but also the temple (the arm of the sunglasses) is devised. In the Asian fit frame, the temple is adjusted so that it fits the head naturally, so the sunglasses are less likely to shift, so you can spend comfortably during activities. In addition, since the frame itself is designed to match the shape of the face, it provides the best fit without impairing the beauty of the face.

◆ How do you choose? How to choose Asian Fit Frame

Finding the best sunglasses for you has more meaning than just choosing accessories. In Asian fit frame sunglasses, the choice is even more important. This section provides tips for finding the best sunglasses for your face, style, and necessary functions of how to select Asian Fit Frames.

▼ Tips for finding the best frame for your face

The first step in choosing an Asian fit frame is to understand the shape that suits your face. Take into account the detailed features, such as the width of the face, the height of the nose, and the position of the cheekbone. Asian fit frames are designed based on these features, so you can greatly improve both comfort and appearance by choosing a shape that fits your face.

▼ How to find options that do not impair the style

Next, it is important to choose sunglasses that reflect fashion sense. Asian fit frame sunglasses also have a wide range of styles, from classical to modern and sporty. Choose while thinking about your daily style and the style you want to match with a specific outfit. It is important to choose sunglasses that can express your personality best.

▼ Features and fashion, Asian fit frame that chases two rabbits

Finally, let's pay attention to functionality. If you need specific functions, such as UV protection, polarized lenses, and lightweight design, it is important to choose an Asian fit frame that satisfies it. These features are even more important when participating in outdoor activities and sports. By choosing an Asian fit frame that has both fashion and functionality, you can spend any situations comfortably and stylishly.

◆ Advantages of Asian fit frame, how are you actually?

Why are the Asian fit frame sunglasses chosen by many people? The answer lies in overwhelming comfort in everyday life and active lifestyles. In this section, we will delve into how the merits of the Asian fit frame can feel in actual life.

▼ What is the comfort in everyday life?

The biggest attraction of Asian fit frames is the comfort in everyday life. These sunglasses do not make you feel pressure or discomfort even when worn for a long time. Also, the curve of the nose pad and the frame fits firmly into the shape of the face, so there is no need to worry about the sunglasses shifted. We provide stress -free feeling in every scene, from reading to driving and sunlight measures when going out.

▼ Adaptivity to active lifestyles

Sunglasses are a necessity for those who enjoy outdoor activities and sports. The Asian fit frame is designed for ease of movement and stability, and is characterized by running, hiking, cycling, etc. It keeps a comfortable wearing feeling even if you sweat and supports an active lifestyle.

▼ A comfortable world provided by Asian Fit Frame

Asian fit frame sunglasses provide more value than just sunshine. This is a new experience experience of comfort, functionality, and style. The design that matches the shape of the face enhances the confidence and satisfaction in every scene and enriches your daily life. Choosing an Asian fit frame is an investment in yourself and is the first step to a comfortable everyday.


Once you experience the comfort of the Asian fit frame sunglasses, you will no longer be able to return to other frames. For those who value everyday comfort and enjoy the active lifestyle with all their might, the sunglasses of the Asian fit frame are the best choices.

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