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Card -type loss prevention tags that are attracting attention in the media


◆ Register in 2 steps easy for anyone
Download the Mamorio app on your smartphone and register as a user.After that, just press the mamorio button and put the Mamorio device on the smartphone to complete the registration.

Major function

◆ Loss prevention tag alert
We will inform you that the important thing with mamorio will be away from your hand. In other words, when you open the app, you can check the location and time you have at the end, so you can see at a glance when and where you forgot!

◆ Everyone's cloud tracking function
This is a function to search for lost items by cooperating with users who have MAMORIO apps. (*Patent acquired)If you turn on the function you are looking for when you lose, you will be informed only to the owner when the other user passes the lost mamorio.

◆ MAMORIO SPOT 700 routes!
If you arrive an important thing with mamorio to the forgetful center of railways, buses, and commercial facilities, we will inform you of the place that only the owner arrives.

◆ Reliable even if you lose your smartphone!
If the smartphone with the Mamorio app reaches where it is MAMORIO SPOT, notify the location by e -mail.If the smartphone is on, you can check the delivery destination on your computer.


size H: 54mm x W: 85.5mm x D: 1.7mm
Communication method Bluetooth4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy)
weight 12.5g
Effective distance About 30m
Battery life Up to 6 months
* Charging within 3 months is recommended (depending on the usage)
battery Lithium -ion battery * Battery replacement is not possible
Color variations 1 color (Black)

* This product is recommended for a wireless charger of 5V = 2A, output: 5V = 1A.

* Charging with a wireless charger for magnets and a wireless charger with a magnet is not recommended.

* The heat generation and defects of the main unit may occur, causing failure or malfunction, and may not be covered by the warranty.

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