[Exchange lens] Active sunglasses
[Exchange lens] Active sunglasses

[Exchange lens] Active sunglasses

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  • I don't know if sunglasses are really dimming.
    → Our sunglasses are a product that dimmers with the amount of ultraviolet rays, not the amount of light.
    Therefore, if you pass glass with UV cut, such as the windshield of the car, it will not diminish.
    Also, in order to reduce the burden on the eyes, it is very difficult to understand whether it is dimming even if it is applied.

    It is easy to understand the difference by applying ultraviolet light only on one side with ultraviolet light.
    HerePlease refer to the video.

  • Can I change the lens myself?
    → Yes, you can't do it yourself. However, depending on how much force is applied, it may be damaged, so some tricks are included.

    It will be charged separately, but if you are uneasy, you can replace the lens after purchasing the frame and send it to us.

    About how to change the lensHerePlease check with the video.

  • How long will it arrive from the order?
    → After payment of the price, we will ship within 3 business days except weekends and holidays.

  • Is there a product restock?
    → The "Receive the Restock Notification" button is installed on each product page, so please click there and wait for the restock notification to arrive.

important point

Gray lens

Gray lens, which reduces dazzling, maintains a natural view, and the calm colors fit everyone, regardless of age or gender. It is easy to adapt to any fashion, and it is easy to incorporate as a stylish item.

It has a cool and intelligent impression, is easy to match any color, and is compatible with the black frame.
  • Face color that looks good: Blue base
  • Recommended scene: drive / leisure

Yellow lens

The yellow lens enhances the contrast and keeps the visibility bright. Ideal for dim places, bad weather, evening and Indian sports.

It is bright and fashionable, and is also used as a fashionable item.
  • Face color that looks good: Yellow base
  • Recommended scene: Drive / Indian sports on bad weather days

How to replace the lens

[Exchange lens] Active sunglasses

Regular price¥4,400
(tax included)

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